Le Bourg St. Léonard in 3D

POV ~50m above positions of 1/A/359 along the first axis of the 3 SS PzGr's attack.
POV ~50m above positions of 1/A/359 along the first axis of the 3 SS PzGr’s attack.
Playtest scenario. Developer Brendan Clark's 3 SS PzGr pushes back the US line.
Playtest scenario, depiction of same area. Developer Brendan Clark’s 3 SS PzGr pushes back the US line.

Click through to a manipulable 3D visualization of Le Bourg St. Léonard, the fourth battle in From the Ground Up. Terrain relief is exaggerated 30m SRTM data. The building footprints are from Open Street Map before I visually compared them with my field notes and the 1947 aerial survey photo of the IGN. The Z height of the buildings is a database merge based on my field notes and an aerial photo from 1944. This is a very preliminary model. Later on, I’ll tease out polygons for the ground cover and assign heights when I next have some time to devote to making further progress in QGIS.  For the moment, I’m hammering out artillery and campaign rules.

2 thoughts on “Le Bourg St. Léonard in 3D”

  1. Not before have I been able to manipulate and view a scenario map like I did today. It confirmed for me a number of LOS questions that came up during a playtest on the battle map for Le Bourg St Leonard. Good to see I got my LOS answers right, according to both the map and the 3D view.

    1. Thanks, Brendan. I’m not so bold as to claim there will or can be a 1:1 correspondence between the model and the map. The underlying data has its limits of resolution as well. But I mean the general challenge presented by the terrain, as described in historical accounts, to be well represented.

      In the future I’ll do an overlay of the game map onto the 3D model. With the reprojection, you’ll begin to see some of the cartographic distortions that crop up, which are much less visible when you’re working in a 2D drape.

      I’m really happy with this QGIS module. I’ve wasted so much time just playing with the model. On top of it, it’ll be a cinch to do the same for the three other battlefields…

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