Small is Beautiful

US sets up within two hexes of crossroads.
US sets up within two hexes of crossroads.

I intend to write a small, learning scenario for each map. Here’s my entry for Beau Coudray. Call it “American Patrol“. This is a completely theoretical action, but something like it probably occurred. While waiting for the inevitable German counter attack, a US patrol is sent out to locate an enemy position hampering the progress of the adjacent company.

Meant as an easy tool to learn the basic flow of a Band of Brothers turn and familiarize the players with the terrain, here the US player will have to intelligently maneuver around any trap the German might set, as well as play through the intervisibility requirement set upon US second line units. This is completely untested. So now is your chance.

I will be up on the VASSAL server at 2000 hours, GMT this evening (5 November). You have only to install the program ( and download the FTGU module here.

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