Hmm. This looks familiar.
Hmm. This looks familiar. And, yes, I know it is impossible to stack all the German units on the starting hexes.

The next installment in the short learning scenarios I’m writing for each map. Okay, I’m getting a little slap happy here. Even so, this situation will familiarize players with SATWs, night, paved roads, and my simple turreted vehicle rule. Which reads:

5.3.3 Turreted Vehicles
Vehicle units with a colored or white ring around the vehicle depiction may choose to fire outside of their front firing arc without changing the orientation of the vehicle. This is important in terrain which restricts movement, such as narrow or sunken roads, or where the player chooses to avoid the risk of vehicle bogging.
( Firing out of the front firing arc always requires a proficiency roll, even at ranges under 5 hexes. Fire outside of the front firing arc suffers the usual -1 for turning to fire applies and anti-personnel firepower is reduced by 2.

I doubt I’m really going to playtest this. Well, I might do it if someone requested to play it live via VASSAL. Drop me a line if you want to read the module rulebook. You can have a look at the scenario here and right click to download the VASSAL file here.

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