Sèves Learning Scenario

An intervisibility puzzle. Germans must not allow themselves to be flanked.
An intervisibility puzzle. Germans must not allow themselves to be flanked.

Here’s the third installment. One more to go. Pushed the counters around once, upped the US and dinged the Germans. The situation is 22 July 1944. After a hard day of fighting to gain less than a kilometer, 1- and 2/358 try to integrate their lines. The scenario is here and you can right click to download the VASSAL module.

It will be important to consider flanking, mines, crossfires, and dusk. I think this will be a fine illustration of how closely fought engagements in bocage country really were. Here’s a draft crossfire rule. I already see that the cases of 180° hex spines already need to be added.

Optional base game rule 3: Flanks are alway in effect in FTGU. If a player makes two consecutive direct fire attacks in the same impulse at normal range against the same infantry target across two non-connected hex sides, place a flank marker on the target unit. Note: a vertex is not considered part of the hex side. In addition to the usual negative effect for melee, the infantry unit under a flank marker now tests morale at -1. Remove the marker in the Recovery Phase.

Cases A, B, and C from left to right. Yes, I’m aware there’s an error in the graphic.


2 thoughts on “Sèves Learning Scenario”

  1. Are the dark green shapes on the SEV0 map marshes or fields? I’m confused.
    The TEC seems to indicate they are marshes.
    But the dark green shapes are bordered by hedgerows as fields would be.
    And there’s the grayish blob nearest the stream, which seems as if it would be more logically marsh as it’s in the lowest-elevation terrain.

    1. There’s always more work that can be done on symbology. SEV0 features only fields, so your intuition is correct. Those marshes are probably going to be reworked. In reality, that ground is rather firm with high grass. In fact, it is so firm, the Germans laid significant antitank defenses on that ford. One of the many mysteries of Sèves is the relative absence of support from 90ID’s independent tank battalion.

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