Demo at MMFW

Karl and Chris face off in a small scenario called “American Patrol”. I set out the counters and let them ask questions.

In hindsight I should have played against them both, hotseating between games. One of the difficulties of playing in a museum is that there are a lot of fascinating artifacts literally within arm’s reach that are catnip to chatty people like me.

I’m glad to have selected Band of Brothers to provide the base rules for the system. Both Karl and Chris were able to pick up concepts like LOS, movement costs, and fire attacks with a simple, verbal instruction. I don’t think Karl ever looked at the player aid card. This has less to do with the indifferent brevity of my explanations and more to do with the staying power of the base system designer Jim Krohn’s simple, enabling design decisions.

The experience inspired me to organize a starter set, a smaller footprint, print-and-play version of FTGU. Over the next month I’ll organize the four learning scenarios and a reduced counter set into four ledger-sized pages.

2 thoughts on “Demo at MMFW”

  1. Oh yah, a PnP small footprint version would DEFINITELY work. I tried pricing ONE 22×34 map at Office Depot and they wanted something like $30– for one map. FtGU has like, what, 5 big maps? I’ll gladly buy it when released, but cannot afford to craft a PnP of the full set.

    1. The complete game features four 24×36″ maps. I believe one of my playtesters was able to get them at about $12/map at Staples. A complete counter set can be ordered POD for around $25-30. I have a few writing projects to get off the stove first and then I’ll set out the learning scenarios.

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