Yeah, but where’s the nearest pizzeria?


Part of 315 FA's fire plan supporting the capture of Gourbesville. Our summer quarters highlighted in yellow.
Part of 315 FA’s fire plan supporting the capture of Gourbesville. Our summer quarters highlighted in yellow.

In case you were wondering what was going on in the vicinity of the spot where we’ve selected to camp out for a week, here is a map I’ve made from 3/357IR and 315FA’s battalion journals. The highlighted spot is Les Tourelles farm at Orglandes. It seems clearly situated on the German LOC. Judging by the lines drawn 15 June 1944, and the fact that German battalion mortars are about a kilometer from the line of contact (the ones that 315FA spotted anyway) it looks as if the enemy were already withdrawing from the sector by the time Sam Williams’s attack was launched. Also of note, this was the first time 343 and 315FA were able to get it together to fire preparation on Gourbesville center.


Defense Linguistics's CP, vic Orglandes 11-18 June.
Defense Linguistics’s CP, vic Orglandes 11-18 June.

Announcing the From the Ground Up tour and playtest. We’ll be staying near Orglandes in La Manche, 10-18 June, seventy-two years to the day that 90ID disembarked at UTAH and began feeding itself into the grinder that was Lower Normandy.

Plan is to roll out every morning, roam where permitted, get rained on, photograph, eat sandwiches, and lots of fussing with maps and binoculars. Evenings at liberty, drink, or fussing with games or all three. Reserved a whole week so there’ll be plenty of time free to visit other, more well-known spots. La Fière and Amfreville (Timmes’ Orchard, Hill 30, the causeway, etc.) are not far. Nor are Ste. Mère Eglise, UTAH, Carentan.

Racks enough for five more. Don’t bother to call ahead, y’all — just make like 82ABD and drop in. For those of you who can’t make it but who might have questions about the cartography, here’s a list of points of interest I’d like to visit. Feel free to add to it!